It is important in my approach that each work is different and has its own unique language. With an honest intent to explore and celebrate the Divine nature of truth and beauty, my drawings and paintings offer continued revelations of imagery and content while acknowledging the absurdity of illusion. Each painting tends to float within broad fields of abstraction. The canvases act as a procedural and aesthetic compliment to the intricate drawings. The presence of line is no longer the result of a singular mark but rather the result of the many chromatic and textural interactions that occur on the surface of the canvas.

The drawings balance a cool minimal sense of material with a warm contextual richness; creating imagery that exhibits a humble and complex dichotomy. They are executed using pen. The lines which are born of graceful marks and gestures are intuitive to my hand. The accumulation of texture through the process of layering creates an enticing, complex, and cryptic density slowly revealing its visual language to the viewer. As time goes on, revelations are disclosed with each glance. As these images unfold, the viewer is able to experience the narrative of the visual structure as they are increasingly drawn into the realms that the artworks suggest.